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Syarikat Islam Wants to Form an Anti-Islamophobia Desk at the Same Time Submitting its Bill to the DPR

ACCURATE.CO The Syarikat Islam Society Organization (SI) highlighted the problem of Islamophobia which is already evident in Indonesia. Therefore, it will form an anti-Islamophobia desk.

SI President Hamdan Zoelva said the final goal to be achieved was the realization of Islam which is a religion of grace for all nature.

“It’s not a religion like the shadows of Islamophobia, a religion that brings violence, terrorism and others,” Hamdan told reporters after the inauguration of the DPP Syarikat Islam management in Jakarta, Monday (28/3/2022).

Hamdan said that the composition of the committee who entered the SI anti-Islamophobia desk would have a steering board consisting of the SI siyasa assembly chaired by political science professor Siti Zuhro.

Then, there is a steering board chaired by the Secretary General of SI as well as Deputy Chairperson of the Gerindra DPP Ferry Juliantono.

“We will take steps later. Therefore, later the team and there will be a steering committee and management at the desk,” he said,

According to him, the phenomenon of Islamophobia is very real in Indonesia through the narratives circulating on social media that have discredited Muslims.

“For me it is very real and very detrimental to Muslims, both through social media and individual media, and actions. Therefore, we want to straighten it out,” said Hamdan.

Meanwhile, regarding the labeling of Islam as a violent terrorist religion, Hamdan said, this must be straightened out by providing an explanation to people who do not understand the issue of Islam.

“That is also part of what we have to give an understanding that Islam is not terrorist and not violence, but the chosen people of the middle way (ummatan washaton) who build civilization,” he explained.

Nevertheless, said the former Chief of the Constitutional Court (MK), the SI organization will identify all the problems related to Islamophobia. The step that will be taken is to invite relevant agencies, such as BNPT, to unite views on this issue.

“After that, we will arrange an action agenda, including counter information, through the media, through statements, and maybe at certain times through actions to deal with Islamophobia,” he added.

On the same occasion, Ferry said that his party would prepare academic manuscripts to gather input from international and domestic organizations and institutions.

“Thankfully, God willing, we can also draft an anti-Islamophobia law to be submitted to the DPR,” said Ferry at the same location.

“We will gather input organizations from institutions, both international and domestic. This program of action and campaign is a program launched by the Syarikat Islam,” he continued.

In addition, Ferry Juliantono as Secretary General of the DPP Syarikat Islam added, as the oldest Islamic organization and has a long history in the process of independence, then of course this organization has a moral obligation to protect it.

In addition to economic da’wah, of course, Syarikat Islam also focuses on the development of social and religious issues to protect the ulama and ummah. This was conveyed by the General Chairperson of the Central Executive, Hamdan Zoelva at the inauguration ceremony for the 2021-2026 term of office in Jakarta today.

“Our main program is to develop economic da’wah for the independence of the people and the natives. In addition, we have also formed an Anti-Islamophobia desk yesterday which will be followed by a meeting of all other Islamic organizations,” he said.